solo exhibition “At This Moment”

installation view from “At This Moment” Tomio Koyama Gallery Kyoto, 2009 ©Kumie Tsuda

Kumie Tsuda orchestrates her installation with compounds of small elements, using ceramics as its material. In “Meteora” at the Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo in 2007, an installation was exhibited; a sculptural work that consisted of small fragments connected with each other, gathered around a symbolic form that resembled hardened lava on a pedestal made out of paraffin wax. The same material, ceramic revealed different aspects, such as multifaceted object that’s like an ore, or two legged creature with a head of a mushroom. On the wall-hung works that resembled tiles, strange geometric shapes and mysterious mountain that floated on the surface of water were painted. The isolated abbey on a precipice in Meteora in ancient Greece inspired the artist as an expression of a strong belief in the invisible.
Although Kumie Tsuda’s motifs have concrete shapes, they do not come across as one narrative, but rather present the texture of the uncertainty of the relationship between us and the surrounding world, just as uncertain as it really is. Tsuda has stated that she occasionally produces works with her dreams in her mind. From Tsuda’s works, a mysterious world seems to appear, as if it has been reconstructed from our own dreams.

This exhibition features approximately 10 pieces, including her new sculptural works.


Artist Profile

Kumie Tsuda

1980 Born in Kanagawa
2003 Tokyo University of the Arts, B.F.A.
2005 Tokyo University of the Arts, M.A.