solo exhibition “Juxtaposition”

installation view from Juxtaposition at Tomio Koyama Gallery, 2008 ©Nobuhiro Fukui


Nobuhiro Fukui’s first series, Trans Am (2005), depicted scenes of the city photographed between midnight and three a.m. The city at night continues to be his central theme. Of his work, he writes:

Visual experiences today are directly and recursively regulated by the acoustic and optical information the media showers us with. What we perceive depends more on the media than on the “things” themselves. I am interested in seeing what people perceive — and become able to perceive — when infected with the virus of my photography.

He indicates that photography has the power to thoroughly restore the reality we think we see but actually overlook. With every inch in sharp focus, his scenes overturn our notions of midnight darkness and confront us with a forceful new realism. The artifice of photography allows Fukui to render a scenic reality that exceeds our mediated senses.


For his first solo exhibition at the Tomio Koyama Gallery, Fukui will install a series of nightscapes, taken from a wide range of vantage points in the city, to create an illusion of an unbroken panoramic sweep. We will present nearly twenty new images from his Juxtaposition and Multiples series. The artist has sought to make work that offers fresh insights with every viewing and we urge you to experience it with your own eyes.

Artist Profile

Nobuhiro Fukui

1972 Born in Tokushima, Japan
2004 Participated in Osamu Kanemura Workshop (photography workshop)