solo exhibition “Asterism”

Asterism (plexus) – 2848, 2010 pigment print mounted on plexiglass 96.0 x 144.0cm © Nobuhiro Fukui


From 2004, Nobuhiro Fukui continues his creation focusing on midnight townscape. His photography is presented with a clear distinction of an ordinary townscape, at the same time presenting the audience with a feeling of a “deja vu” – a townscape so common that they might have some reminiscence of.
We view things differently according to our condition and perspective. For instance, the luminosity scale of fixed stars is set based on the luminosity seen from earth, thus the same star may be seen in a different scale if seen from elsewhere. Consequently, Fukui’s works can be perceived in many different ways as unique as the brightness of those stars. Furthermore, the relationship between the work, its audience and the camera which intervenes between the two is diverse and unrestrained according to the perspective and viewpoint of each audience.


The exhibition title “Asterism” is taken from the meaning, “a group of stars”. It is formed differently from the historically established 88 constellations. It is with much delight and honour to have the opportunity to present Fukui’s challenge of approximately 20 sets of photography, which has been under preparation for three years.

Artist Profile

Nobuhiro Fukui

1972 Born in Tokushima, Japan
2004 Participated in Osamu Kanemura Workshop (photography workshop)