solo exhibition “Confession”

沈黙の瞳 Eyes in Silence 2009 acrylic on canvas 227.3 × 181.8 cm ©Satoko Nachi

The artist’s friends as well as the artist herself are often depicted in Nachi’s works. Across the canvas, she paints things thought about darkly, deeply, contents based on unrequited love, or the way she longed for things to be, things that actually happened to the artist herself, or stories heard from friends. It could be an episode with the artist’s beloved, or personal advice sought by a friend, but the personal details fade away as these things are repeatedly thought over, kneaded upon, and something similar to its essence comes forth. This alone is left behind, giving the work its strength. Her distinctive, delicate touch and symbolic details leave a strong impression on the viewer.
In addition, many of Nachi’s paintings are large-scale; Happiness and Despair, shown at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, is 11 meters in length. “It envelops the viewer, who I would like to see nothing but my painted world,” Nachi says.

This solo show features 2 paintings shown at the Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto, a large-scale painting measuring 4m×8m, in addition to 4 new paintings and 2 photographic works. One series of works feature seeming messages to a beloved one, and new work themed around friends.
The photographic works consistently have the same flow in the foundation of their production, having the theme of presents given by Nachi to her beloved.


Artist Profile

Satoko Nachi

Satoko Nachi was born in 1982 in Tokyo. She graduated from the Fine Art Department of Nagoya University of Arts. She currently lives and works in Aichi. She held 3rd solo exhibition with Tomio Koyama Gallery, after one in Tokyo in 2010 and in Singapore in 2013. Her major group exhibitions include “Takahashi Collection 2014 Mindfulness!” (Nagoya City Art Museum, 2013), “JAPANCONGO” (Centre National d’Art Contemporain, Grenoble, 2011), “Children’s Art in Mie” (Mie Prefectural Art Museum, 2011), “Passion Fruits Picked from The Olbricht Collection”(me Collectors Room Berlin, Berlin, 2010, and “FLOWERS AND LANDSCAPE, Claude Monet and Young Japanese Artists” (Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto, 2009). Her work created during her stay at the Ohara Museum’s ARCO project (as Artist in Residence in Kurashiki, Ohara) is being presented at the Ohara Museum from September 27th to November 27th 2016.

1982 Born in Tokyo
2005 BFA Nagoya University of Arts, Nagoya, Aichi
Lives in Nagoya, Aichi