solo exhibition “Nishiki”

ヨウム African Grey Parrot 2013 ceramic h.16.5 × w.30.0 × d.14.5 cm ©Shohei Fujita

This exhibition by Shohei Fujita is entitled “Nishiki”, referring to “brocade” in the Japanese language. As brocade does, Fujita’s ceramics embrace rich colors and scrupulous delicacy. They consist of two major techniques. In one of the techniques the pieces are formed with a frosted glass-like touch, as if the paints drop into water, spread and dissolve. They are in soothing colors and mottled patterns, and are made through a unique method that requires taking a long time to shave off the multi-layered glaze. Works such as a small bottle with a lid function as general vessels but at the same time are flavored with atmospheres of abstraction and fantasy. In the other technique, Fujita employs the skill of painting small dots and painting aka-e (Japanese “red painting”) to create patterns on the ceramics. This technique brings about a texture which is similar to a copperplate print, and a mysterious charm in the motifs such as birds, koi fish and snakes. In this exhibition, pieces in the two techniques above together with new elements will be on view.

Shohei Fujita was born in 1968 in Wakayama, Japan. He received an M.F.A from Kyoto City University of Arts in 1995. He also has studied at Edinburgh College of Art. Apart from solo works, he also presents pieces under the unit name “suna fujita” working with Chisato Yamano.


Artist Profile

Shohei Fujita

Shohei Fujita was born in 1968 in Wakayama Prefecture. After he graduated from the Ceramics course of the Department of Crafts of Kyoto City University of Arts in 1995, he moved to the UK. He learned glass art at Edinburgh College of Arts, where he completed his studies in 1997. He also works in the unit “Suna Fujita” with ceramic artist Chisato Yamano. He has held numerous solo exhibitions in Japan including in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Mie.